Holo-Gauze: launch, press & TV coverage


PICTURED: Holo-Gauze’s starring appearance on Channel 5’s well regarded Gadget Show

Holo-Gauze is the leading holographics effects solution and Bigger Boat was retained to launch the brand to the press, with immediate, tangible results.

Holotronica founder and Managing Director Stuart Warren-Hill approached us in the summer of 2014 to promote Holo-Gauze, his innovative holographic effects product, which up until then had received no media promotion whatsoever. We devised a 're-launch' campaign with a view to making an immediate splash with the corporate AV magazines in order to generate interest and create new business opportunities. News stories were placed across all relevant titles, including the Europe-wide AV, InAVate, AV News and Installation magazines, and Stuart's phone immediately started ringing off the hook! We followed up with press announcements regarding Holo-Gauze's recent and forthcoming projects, including the 'world's biggest hologram effect' for superstar DJ Eric Prydz's Madison Square Garden gig and the high-profile Lord of the Dance world tour – achieving wide-reaching press coverage at home and abroad. Inevitably, this led, again, to additional wear and tear for Stuart's phone. We then hit broadcasters, ultimately placing Holo-Gauze on Channel 5's Gadget Show and Channel 4's Gadget Man shows, with a Channel 4 series featuring the product every week in the pipeline. A number of interviews, features and columnists also featured Stuart and Holo-Gauze, and we were instrumental in securing the AV News Innovator of the Year Award 2015 for Stuart's work with Holo-Gauze. We're currently promoting Holo-Gauze to the broadcast press as an alternative to post-production effects.

URL http://tinyurl.com/lm274xm