AV Forums Picture Perfect campaign

Young woman watching television, rear view

AVForums is arguably the world’s most successful website for fans of AV, with over 270,000 members & over 2million unique visitors per month.

AVForums’s founder and managing director approached us to broaden his site’s appeal – ultimately to increase advertising revenues – not an easy task given that AVForums is ostensibly a site that appeals to early-adopter tech-heads. As a result of this challenge, the Picture Perfect campaign was born – to improve image quality of recently purchased TV sets.

Our Picture Perfect press campaign achieved broad media coverage for AVForums, the world's leading website for early adopters of AV technology. Despite the fact that today's TVs boast excellent pictures, most TV settings are primed for showrooms, with high brightness & contrast default settings – selling these technical marvels' images short & potentially straining consumers' eyes. The AVForums editorial team devised a series of excellent how-to articles & video guides and we came up with a PR campaign to match, ultimately achieving news coverage in the UK national press (Daily Telegraph & Daily Mail), a huge feature in the Telegraph & an AVForums slot on BBC World News – a potential global reach of 388 million viewers!

URL https://www.avforums.com/