MultiTouch European press campaign


PICTURED: The MultiTouch iWall, the world’s most responsive interactive, one-stop solution

We came on board with Helsinki-headquartered MultiTouch Ltd in 2012 (named MultiTaction in the US), tasked with promoting the company across Europe and, where possible, further afield. The company had only done limited PR into Europe, so this was very much a high-intensity launch campaign. We initially hit the pro-AV integrator press, read by the sort of companies that would wish to specify MultiTouch’s innovative multi-touch solutions, and after a branding push to establish the company, we began to place product and case study stories across the European AV titles. We also ensured that MultiTouch featured in all articles on multi-touch technology and key areas such as retail, corporate, public and education – also hitting the relevant medias in these fields. In addition, we handled all of MultiTouch’s social media – which was particularly effective at leveraging additional press – and wrote all press releases, also ‘Europe-ising’ any releases coming out of the US PR office.

Key installations such as the 'world's biggest multi-touch wall' at the London City offices of Accenture (in conjunction with Engage) and the 'world's biggest multitouch installation and largest continuous array of unlimited touch displays' at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia (in conjunction with ProAV Solutions) achieved world-wide press and online coverage and a number of awards. Bigger Boat was also responsible for producing professional videos for these projects, alongside several product-focused videos including the launch of iWall. Finally, we were instrumental in ensuring that MultiTouch was high-profile at the key annual ISE event in Amsterdam and other UK-based events, with press and broadcast visits to the company's booth, and arranged press and promotion for the annual Helsinki 'partner summit'.