Multiple awards for our clients


PICTURED: AV News awards trophies from 2013 when we helped Engage Works to achieve Integrator of the Year. In the 2015 awards, we secured Innovator of the Year award for Holo-Gauze founder Stuart Warren-Hill 

The important thing to realise with all awards is that not every one is a good fit for you; just because a particular award exists, it doesn’t mean you should enter. And just because you entered last year, it doesn’t follow that this year’s categories are sympathetic to your business or to the work you’ve been doing in the past 12 months. Achieving nominations, & hopefully wins too, is all about choosing the right fit. There’s no point wasting time & money on entering an awards category that you can’t hope to win. Equally, it’s futile to enter an award if you don’t take the entry criteria seriously; you won’t even make the long list. We guide our clients as to the most appropriate & most winnable awards to enter, hand-holding through the entry process, writing entry copy & ensuring that all the entry criteria are met. We also advise what to do in the event that an award nomination is achieved – this is the time to promote your success, as once the awards night is over the nominees are largely forgotten. It’s also, regrettably, the case that gong recipients are big advertisers or sponsors – the deck isn’t necessarily stacked in your favour! – so that nomination is as good as a win. Ultimately though, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you have the best chance of going home with that shiny, champagne-soaked trophy.

Fact: awards are good for business. This is why the Bigger Boat team places such importance on the various industry & magazine gongs on offer every year, & why we always encourage our clients to take them seriously – even though many awards are self-fulfilling excuses to increase organisation or publisher revenues through event table bookings and/or entry fees. We've always worked hard to ensure our clients are in the running for awards & have secured numerous magazine Best Buys, annual award nominations & all-important winning trophies. Highlights include Engagement & Loyalty Awards Agency of the Year for Engage Works/FLUX; AV News Awards Integrator of the Year for the same client; AV News Awards Innovator of the Year for Holo-Gauze; Installation Magazine Awards Star Product for Virtual Style Pod; SVI Distributor of the Year for Invision UK; HCD AV Furniture of the Year for Peerless-AV. As well as a clutch of nominations for MultiTouch from InAVate, Installation & AV magazines.